Welcome to Brf Armborstet 1

Only a subset of the information is presented in English. As a tenant owner, it's your responsibility to keep updated with the Swedish information. Feel free to reach out to the board if you have questions.

Armborstet 1 is a housing cooperative in Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden.

Our building has 113 apartments and 2 smaller business premises, all completed 2008.

Walking distance to Älvsjö C is approximately 500 metres. There you can access commuter train and buses. You can also find basic services, such as grocery store, ATM, pharmacy and restaurants.

In the building’s basement, there is room for 65 cars and MCs. Some of the car spaces have charging stations.

Sublease requires approval from the board. It can take up to 3 months to get the application approved. A fee will be charged every month during the sublease.

Brf Armborstet 1 is located at Götalandsvägen 237-253 in Älvsjö.

Contact the board:  styrelse@armborstet.se

Organizational number: 769614-3499